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Why the LGBT Community is Important

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT or LBGT) community provides advocacy, oversight and support. The efforts of the LGBT community have proved pivotal in advocating for the rights of transgender and gay people for many years now. Without these efforts, many individuals would still be living closeted lives filled with fear.

In reality, when LGBT persons come out, they find themselves lacking the support of spiritual organizations, employers, families and friends. It has become a common sight in many cities the world over to see teens that have either run away or have been kicked out of their homes and have nowhere to go. There are professional organizations that provide the necessary education and support to families and friends of these individuals. Such activities have helped to maintain bonds that ensure no one is victimized because they are not attracted to the members of the opposite gender.

The marvelous efforts of such associations have helped to change the attitudes of the future generations. Some organizations like Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) have proved pivotal in creating peer support systems for gay teens with little to no support whatsoever at home. The GSA also helps straight members learn more about homosexuality lessening the rift between the two.

The LGBT community does oversight through numerous watchdog agencies established both locally and nationwide. Without the support of such agencies, flow of communication would be undependable leading to the wastage of valuable resources. Some of the information they provide include what locales are gay friendly or not, the businesses/employers with a history of discriminating against gay individuals and politicians who fulfill their promises by rendering support to the LGBT population.

Before the existence of these organizations, LGBT persons had to depend on word of mouth or media reports to get information, which was, for most part, inaccurate. With organized dissemination and oversight of the information relayed, the LGBT community has had the chance to access knowledge as well as effect changes in the society quickly. Employers who refuse to recognize LGBT persons found themselves closing shop and losing resourceful employees en masse.

The enforcement division of the community is mirrored in professional firms that help to carry out numerous legal battles. The legal services provided range from provision of legal counsel when fighting for gay marriages to aiding the victims of hate crimes or unwarranted workplace termination. Such organizations ensure appeals are properly filed and laws are followed to the letter.

It is through the efforts of organizations within the LGBT community that people feel less afraid about coming out of the closet. The gay population finally has a chance to feel safe to make a positive impact on the world.

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